How Do You Get Ready For Fall?

Fall Trends
Fall Trends

As the leaves change and the weather gets cooler, it makes sense to bring out fall clothing. As season’s change, so do the clothing and accessories we pull out of the closet. This is a useful way to use what you already have, while subsidizing your wardrobe with a few new pieces. The Fall trends I have noticed include classic ankle boots, knee high socks with heels, chunky sweaters, and layering camel, magenta, browns and forest green clothing. Plus, classic jewelry items like statement necklaces, pearls and multiple bangles are a big trend.  I like to compare what is considered up and coming in the United States versus other countries, so have been following a couple blogs about the fashion industry. One is written by a French fashion blogger, with an enthusiastic talent for photography and current styles. The other is written by a New York magazine fashion writer and designer who focuses on decor and clothing. This blog has a lot of great ideas and inspiration for making your home and closet – unique! If you are interested in these topics, you should definitely visit their sites.

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