How to Wear a Diamond Wedding Set

A diamond bridal wedding set is comprised of wedding bands and an engagement ring. Engagement rings are presented at the time a marriage proposal is accepted and the wedding ring is added during the wedding ceremony. At Anjolee we have an exceptional variety of diamond wedding sets and matched sets that include an engagement ring and diamond wedding band.

No doubt, you have seen a great many wedding sets worn by married people you know – but have you ever considered what the proper way to wear the wedding ring is and why? This post will help clear up any confusion that you may have so that you can wear your wedding set confidently as a perpetual reminder of your love and commitment. Matching sets are a beautiful way to symbolize your life-long pledge.

Wearing the Engagement Ring

Forever Love Oval Diamond And Halo Bridal SetDiamond rings are often given as a promise of an impending marriage. A solitaire engagement ring is a common style of engagement ring. Solitaire rings that are fashioned in rose gold are gaining in popularity. Engagement rings come in so many gorgeous designs, like our Forever Love Oval Diamond and Halo Bridal Set. This ring showcases a striking oval diamond surrounded by a glittering halo of diamonds. At Anjolee we have a wide selection of all styles of engagement rings. Another example is this is our magnificent Splendid Pear Shape Bridal Set. As the name implies, it features a regal looking pear shape diamond in the center and is beautifully accented by other diamond accents. How do you wear the engagement ring? Usually this ring is worn alone until the day of the wedding.


Wearing Your Wedding Ring

The wedding ring is typically a band made to match the engagement ring. A great example would be our dazzling Royal Delight Bridal Set Rings. The wedding band is traditionally worn first, closest to your heart, followed by the engagement ring. Both rings are worn on the third finger of your left hand, which is referred to as the ‘ring finger’. These diamond rings serve as a reminder of your deep love and forever commitment. Some women chose to wear the engagement ring on the right ring finger and their wedding band on the left ring finger. While this isn’t typical for a ring that is specifically made to match up with an engagement ring, like our Brilliant Double Halo Bridal Set, it is a unique option for other styles.

Wearing Your Anniversary Ring

Anniversary rings are given to commemorate a significant milestone anniversary. They are sometimes worn with the bridal set, at the top of the engagement ring but often they are worn alone on the right ring finger. Anniversary bands are typically fashioned of precious metal and diamonds or other colored gemstones. If you order a wedding set and wish to get a matching band later for an anniversary, the band can be ordered alone.

It is a good idea to have your rings soldered together so they don’t move around and cause excessive wear. However, if you are going to want the option of wearing one ring at a time, them having them soldered isn’t something you’ll want to do. Soldering is something that can be done anytime, so you don’t have to decide immediately following your wedding.

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