How to Find Your Ring Size

One of the most frequent questions from customers is what the best ways are for measuring ring size. Whether you are buying a ring for yourself or your significant other, there are some good ways to accurately measure your ring size without trying the ring on. If you are unsure what size ring to get, you can use these straightforward instructions to correctly measure your ring size. If you cannot use one of these methods and want to keep the ring a surprise, try asking your significant others’ close friends and family members.

1. Measure your ring size with a finger size strip. Start by printing and cutting out the strip below. Insert the narrow end of the sizer through the “your size here” slot. With numbers on the outside, place the loop around your finger, and pull until the fit is snug but comfortable.

2. Use a ring chart similar to the one below or the one found on Anjolee to determine your ring size. Find a ring that already fits and compare it to the online chart. If the ring is between two sizes, you should opt for the larger size.

Ring Sizer

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