Inspired by May Birthstone: Emerald

It’s May 2nd and we are already into the Spring 2011 season. This is my favorite time of year, because flowers blossom and plants are lively green.  Those lucky May birthdays get to enjoy the beautiful emerald gemstone as their birthstone. Emeralds can vary in color with the brightest greens representing the most valuable. Emeralds that are nearly free of  inclusions are also highly prized. Almost all emerald will have natural inclusions and so breaking can be an issue if you are not gentle with your gemstones. The color and clarity will both affect the price per carat of an emerald gem as well as the size of the stone. This deep green color is perfect for the Spring + Fall Season, when the outdoors truly mimic the color spectrum in this gem. Like all precious stones, emeralds must be cared for; therefore do not clean emeralds with harsh chemicals and protect them from contact with other hard minerals.

Here are a few ideas to pull inspiration from the beautiful emerald gemstone and translate it into your accessories, clothes and shoes!

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