Jewelry Inspired by the Movie ‘Blue Valentine’

The newly released indie movie starring Ryan Gosling and Michelle Williams centers on their relationship from the start to the end. While it may not be the perfect valentine’s date movie, it is still an interesting film for you to watch. The following jewelry is inspired by the romance of the valentine holiday combined with blue sapphire gemstones!

Which of these timeless pieces is your favorite?

Teardrop Link Gemstone Bracelet–  features gorgeous sapphires and gold or platinum links. Available in 4 gemstone sizes and any length you desire!

Legendary Oval Gemstone Earrings– features a large sapphire surrounded by diamonds. Some call these a legendary stud earring design!

Gemstone Focus Diamond Circle Pendant – features a beautiful gemstone surrounded by diamonds. The perfect accompaniment to the stud earrings above!

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