Jewelry Inspired by Sex and the City 2 Movie

Style Inspiration!

The second installment of the SATC movies was just released on DVD. The fashion and jewelry choices were tremendously bold and unique to each character. Below is a list of items you could easily use to accessorize your look using the fashionable ladies of the hit HBO show as inspiration.

Miranda: A lawyer by occupation, mother, wife and friend, Miranda’s style is versatile. She usually pulls together classic suits for daytime and bright colors for nighttime. To accessorize your look to mimic her style, I would suggest designer diamond bracelets, journey diamond jewelry, and journey diamond pendants.

Samantha: The boldest outfits come from Samantha, who runs her own PR firm. Her signature look is wildest, bold and dramatic. Big jewelry like diamond necklaces, diamond drop earrings and diamond hoops are accessories Samantha would put on any day of the week.

Carrie: With a free spirit and love of all things accessories (shoes, handbags and jewelry) Carrie will wear anything once. Because she is so creative with the wardrobe she chooses to wear, her best jewelry items are gemstone bracelets, diamond dangle earrings and vintage diamond pendants.

Charlotte: The traditional styling of Charlotte’s wardrobe means that simple, refined accessories are best. Items like a classic diamond bangle, elegant diamond pendant or large solitaire diamond ring are pieces you could easily incorporate with a traditional look.

Which style do you identify with?

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