Predictions for Jewelry Trends in 2011

Below are my predictions for what kinds of jewelry will be trendy in the upcoming year.

Kate Beckinsdale layering diamond bangles

There are two main themes: Wearable, chic, multi functional jewelry items and unique, one-of-a- kind jewelry.

Starting with the wrist, items such as bangle bracelets that can be stacked or worn in addition to a watch or diamond bracelet will be popular. Alternating metal types between the stacked bangle will be trendy. For fans of gold metal type, choose one white gold bangle, and two yellow gold bangles and alternate all three on the same wrist.

Rings have been around through much of history. When it comes to engagement rings in 2011, the trends will include vintage inspired wedding and bridal jewelry, rings with gemstones and fancy cut rings. Round diamonds rings have been the most popular to date, but celebrities have started a trend towards different cut diamond rings such as emerald, marquise or cushion cut.

Pendant necklaces are extremely versatile and can be added to any look, day or night. They are the easiest accessory to put on and take off and can coordinate with virtually any color outfit. In 2011, there will not only be an influx of interest in diamond pendants, but also in medallion and letter name pendants. Medallion pendants are round in shape and have an ornate design carved in it. Letter/name pendants can have any name or letter that is meaningful to you, making it a personal accessory that many will choose to wear.

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