Modern vs. Traditional Anniversary Gifts

The age old practice of giving traditional anniversary gifts was created as a symbolic metaphor to strengthen your marriage with the passage of time. Gifts start out simple such as paper, cotton and flowers, and progress into stronger gifts with more substance like pottery, china, gold and diamonds. Although the practice is a little out of date, the idea behind it is as important now as it ever was. Celebrating important milestones in a marriage reminds you of your love for one another and strengthens your relationship.

Early Years
Of course your one-year anniversary is a very special occasion and the gift and celebration should match its importance. As your wife recently received an incredible gorgeous diamond women’s ring, a diamond necklace or bracelet may be more appropriate. Bursting with dazzling diamonds, the stunning Diamond Tennis Bracelet With Waved Prong Setting enhances the beauty of a sparkling diamond wedding ring. Something sweet with a hint of romance like the gorgeous Cascading Diamond Heart Pendant Necklace is perfect for an early anniversary gift. Select a precious metal setting (18k yellow, white or rose gold or platinum) complementary to the bride’s dress and the glimmering diamond heart necklace makes for a great surprise wedding day gift.

Middle Year Anniversary Gifts -Tulip Diamond Stud Earrings

Middle Years
You don’t want to set the standard too high by getting high-priced diamond jewelry for your third, eighth or sixteenth anniversary. Save the more extravagant, more expensive jewelry for extra special milestones such as your twentieth or fiftieth wedding anniversary. Keep it simple, yet striking during the middle years. Gemstone bracelets and diamond stud earrings are great gifts for these anniversaries. A unique twist can turn a subtle pair of diamond stud earrings into a creative anniversary gift. At first glance, the Tulip Diamond Stud Earrings look like a pretty pair of earrings, but upon closer inspection, you see the exotic tulip setting and see their beauty in a whole new light.

Later Year Anniversary Gifts

Later Years
After so many years of marriage, your loving wife deserves to be spoiled with some exquisite diamond jewelry. Special anniversaries such as your 25th and 50th call for a gift with a little more sparkle. Modern and sophisticated diamond tennis bracelets with round brilliant diamonds are always a good choice. Keeping the classic style but adding a lot more glitz, a wonderful anniversary gift is the radiant Flower Cluster Diamond Bracelet. Another idea is to buy a matching set of diamond jewelry. Many of the jewelry designs by Anjolee have similar pieces created to go with one another. For example, there is the amazing Lotus Flower Diamond Tennis Bracelet that goes perfectly with the Lotus Flower Brilliant Stud Earrings. The delicate lotus flower is symbolic for purity and rebirth, such as the pureness of your eternal love.

From simple diamond stud earrings to opulent diamond necklaces and bracelets, Anjolee has a wide variety of high quality jewelry to choose from. Trust us: whether it is your first or fiftieth wedding anniversary, diamond jewelry is always an appropriate and coveted gift.

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