New Arrivals at Anjolee: Luxury Bridal Sets and Engagement Rings

Have you seen the latest from Anjolee’s bridal sets and engagement rings? With a wide selection of glimmering, elegant diamond rings and other premium, high-quality diamond jewelry, Anjolee helps make the most special moments in your life memorable.

Our diamond engagement rings are made for a perfect proposal, and it’s easy to find the ideal diamond ring that your love will be fond of. And with every proposal and engagement comes the need for a bridal set. What better way to represent the union between bride and groom than with a matching bridal set designed perfectly for your wedding day?

At Anjolee, we are proud to share our newest diamond engagement rings and matching bridal sets. Take a look:

The Sweetheart Bridal Set and Engagement Ring

Anjolee Bridal SetRepresent your love with the Brilliant Sweetheart Bridal Set and the Sweetheart’s Embrace Engagement Ring. The diamond engagement ring is beautifully shaped with a heart setting, which gives the ring its ‘sweetheart’ name, and it shines brightly with a round diamond that will surely be a dazzler. The sweetheart center diamond is surrounded by a row of accent diamonds that appear to be giving the ring a hug. The beauty of this engagement ring comes from its diamonds and sparkle, but even more so from the meaningful design that will always represent your love.

Pair this engagement ring with a matching wedding band in the Sweetheart Bridal Set. The bridal set includes the Sweetheart Engagement Ring and the matching wedding band, which also has a row of accent diamonds. Combined, both rings pair beautifully, and all accent diamonds line up to form the perfect set. You can choose from any metal, such as gold, white gold, rose gold, or platinum.

Elegant Oval Solitaire Bridal Set

Anjolee Bridal SetIf you prefer an oval diamond over a round diamond, let us introduce to you the Elegant Oval Solitaire Bridal Set and the Elegant Oval Solitaire Engagement Ring. This diamond ring and wedding band combination is beautiful because of its simplicity and durable look, which both give the bridal set and engagement ring its timeless elegance.

With an oval-shaped center stone, this bridal set and engagement ring have a more elongated look. This gives the illusion of a larger diamond. The simple, strong bands focus all our attention on the diamond itself, which was the goal when we designed this bridal set.

The band and the engagement ring are designed to intertwine perfectly. We highly suggest this ring in white gold or platinum for its maximum simplicity and shine.

Elegant Round Solitaire Bridal Set

Anjolee Bridal SetYou may also consider the Elegant Round Solitaire Bridal Set and the Elegant Round Solitaire Engagement Ring. The last of our newest additions to the Anjolee bridal collection, this diamond ring is a round solitaire gemstone ring held by four prongs on a band. For both the wedding band and the engagement ring, you can choose which metal suits your partner best.

Whether you select gold or platinum for the engagement ring and bridal set, there is no doubt that everyone’s attention will go to the large center diamond. This round solitaire diamond is supported by wedding and engagement bands that fit together in a simple, yet dazzling manner, showing off beauty and elegance in a minimalist way.

How to Buy an Engagement Ring: The Anjolee Guide to Buying the Perfect Engagement Ring

First off, congratulations on getting to this big moment in your life! If you’ve been lucky enough to find someone you want to spend the rest of your life with, we at Anjolee want to help you find the perfect diamond engagement ring to make your engagement perfect.

No proposal is complete without a diamond ring, so we’ve compiled the easiest, most comprehensive buying guide for finding the engagement ring that fits your relationship, your partner’s style, and your budget.

Learn About the Different Types of Rings

When it comes to buying an engagement ring, the first thing to consider is the different types of engagement rings that exist out in the marketplace today.

A traditional engagement ring is comprised of a gold or platinum metal setting with a solitaire diamond as the center stone. Diamond engagement rings are seen as the classic and timeless design to symbolize your love and your future together with your significant other, and our designers at Anjolee have expanded the selection of engagement rings to include modern styles as well.

You can familiarize yourself with the different engagement rings by browsing here. Very quickly you’ll notice that Anjolee offers many options including side-stone engagement rings, vintage style engagement rings, three-stone engagement rings, and more. We should also add that it’s critical, and somewhat obvious, that you should know your partner’s ring size for when you’re shopping!

Engagement RingDecide on a Budget

Once you’re on this second step, you’ve already familiarized yourself with the different engagement ring types out there – and you might already have a rough idea of their prices. Next will be to define an ideal engagement ring budget, or an estimate of how much you are willing to spend on an engagement ring.

How much should you spend on a diamond engagement ring for your proposal? The truth is, the price varies depending on many different factors. In the past, many people considered the typical ‘investment’ for an engagement ring to be around two or three months gross salary. However, nowadays the range of engagement ring prices is wider, so it is easier to find high quality at a more reasonable price.

Decide on a Type of Metal

When it comes to thinking about which metal type is right for your significant other, pay close attention to what metal your partner tends to normally wear.

The best metals for engagement rings are varieties of gold or platinum. At Anjolee, we custom design each engagement ring to your needs. You can pick from platinum, 14K, or 18K yellow gold, or 14K, or 18K white gold.

Gold, measured in karats, has a lustrious yellow sheen and is the most common metal type chosen for fine jewelry. Both 14K and 18K gold, which are combined with alloy to strengthen the gold content, are excellent choices.

Gold MetalPlatinum is the heaviest of the engagement ring metals, and the rings are 95% pure platinum. Known as one of the most pure and precious metals used for jewelry making, platinum is a luxurious metal with a greater longevity than gold or silver. When platinum is scratched, it does not lose any metal and will not wear with time.

Pick the Perfect Center Diamond

Next, you can consider what you want the center diamond to look like. The guide to buying diamonds for engagement rings is easy if you consider the Four C’s: cut, color, clarity, and carat weight.

These are the dimensions that all diamonds in the world are grade on, and they are the key indicators of a diamond’s value. You can also consider the shape of the diamond too. Many popular stone shapes include round, princess, emerald, marquise cushion, pear, oval, and heart shaped.

After the center diamond has been selected, you can also consider finding other diamonds that accent the setting of the engagement ring by following the same four C’s.

Choose a Ring Setting

Once the metal and the diamond are selected, you can see how to customize the engagement ring’s band and find the best setting for the diamond.

  • Many solitaire diamonds are set on a prong set, which looks like a simple, rounded claw that securely holds the gemstone while showing it off very well.
  • A bezel set is when there is a metal rim that encircles the sides of the center diamond and extends slightly above it, making it a secure way to set the ring into place.
  • Then the next common set is a channel set, which is when diamond gemstones flow in a continuous row in a metal channel.

Add a Touch of Accent and Personality

Finally, once the basic components of the ring are figured out, you can find ways to make the engagement ring unique to your partner, your loving relationship, and your personality.

Anjolee’s engagement rings have many styles crafted by experienced, creative designers, and you can select from various styles that have extra accent diamonds, varying band thicknesses, and custom engravings. Whatever that dream engagement ring is, Anjolee’s designs bring it to life with our high quality, modern style engagement rings.


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