New Gemstone and Diamond Anniversary Rings

Anjolee added several new jewelry design this week include many gorgeous gemstone and diamond anniversary rings, gemstone and diamond wedding bands and eternity rings. All of these rings can be customized by metal type, diamond quality, size and gemstone selection.
Standard gemstone choices include: Blue sapphire, garnet, amethyst, citrine, peridot and blue topaz.

Eternity rings have stones (diamonds and/or gemstones) set around the entire ring instead of set along the top only. This ring style is popular as an anniversary ring, or as a complement to an engagement ring. Five stone rings, alternate the gorgeous gemstones with diamonds in unique and interesting setting designs. Many prefer this ring style as their diamond bridal ring next to an engagement ring. It also looks stunning when worn by itself. The first row of rings showcase the best of both of these ring styles.

1)  Millgrain Edge Diamond and Gemstone Eternity Ring STYLE # EB1000-Gem

2)  Princess Cut Diamond and Gemstone Eternity Ring STYLE # EB1005-Gem

3)  Five Across Alternating Gemstone Diamond Ring STYLE # MS105B-Gem1

4)  Five Across Alternating Gemstone Anniversary Ring STYLE # MS105B-Gem2

Three and five stone rings make perfect pairs with an engagement ring. Add some color to your bridal set with a gemstone and diamond ring like the ones featured below. This second row of new ring designs highlights different style variations so you can truly pick the ring that represents you!

5) Diamond and Gemstone Three Across Band STYLE # MS110B-Gem

6)  Gemstone and Diamond Five Across Band STYLE # MS114B-Gem1

7)  Gemstone and Diamond Wavy Frame Ring STYLE # SR12-Gem1

8)  Detail Mounted Gemstone and Diamond Band STYLE # SR13-Gem1

The third row of new rings showcase the best in modern design. Whether it is a square edge design or a wavy frame cascading around the stones, these rings will appeal to your eye for style!

9) Bordered Gemstone and Diamond Band STYLE # SR4-Gem1

10)  Seven Gemstone and Diamond Ring STYLE # WSR1-Gem

11)  Gemstone and Diamond Channel Set Band STYLE # MS117B-Gem

12)  Simple Delight Gemstone and Diamond Band STYLE # MS115B-Gem

Tell us your thoughts on these new designs in the comments section!

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