New Diamond and Jewelry Guide on!

Find Everything You Need to Know About Fine Jewelry on Anjolee’s NEW Diamond and Jewelry Guide!

Anjolee recently enhanced their online Diamond and Jewelry Guide located on the Educational section of the website. There are three main categories covered; diamond education, jewelry education and buying guide.

Diamond Education includes the Anjolee Diamond Standards, third party certifications, the four c’s of selecting diamonds and diamond characteristics. Learn how carat, cut, clarity and color affect the sparkle and price of a diamond as well as the different ways to certify your diamond jewelry order.

Jewelry Education includes gold and platinum metal types, setting types, caring tips, ring sizing tools and birthstone information. Find out what metal and setting type is best for your fine jewelry here.

Buying Guide includes information on Anjolee’s safety locks and tips for selecting a fine jewelry gift for someone else.

With over 35 years of industry experience, Anjolee offers their expert opinion on diamonds, metal types, caring tips, and buying guides.  You can buy with confidence with Anjolee’s quality guarantee policy. Any additional questions can be addressed by emailing their customer service team at or calling the toll free number at 877-265-6533.


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