New Diamond Hoop Earrings Designs

Several sizes of the popular inside out diamond hoop earring were recently added to the collection of hoop earrings available on You can customize the metal type, diamond quality but also have control over the size of the hoop and diamond carat weight. If you prefer a smaller or petite sized hoop, many options under 1 inch are offered. If you like a larger, predominant hoop earring, there are 1 to 3 inch hoops available.The SE63 Series has a triple row of diamonds set on each hoop.
SE63A and SE64A, – Petite Sized Hoops

SE63B and SE64B- Small Sized Hoops

SE63C and SE64C- Medium Sized Hoops

SE63D and SE64D- Large Sized Hoops

SE63E and SE64E Extra Large Sized Hoops

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