Women of all ages look great in a glittering pair of diamond stud earrings. The days are gone of simple shapes, standard settings and the traditional yellow gold and white diamond combination. Today’s diamond stud earrings have unique twists and details to make them truly stand out. There are many types of innovative diamond cuts that can be set in sophisticated precious metals like premium platinum or feminine rose gold.

Creative Diamond Stud Floral Designs

The Floral Collection, Anjolee’s creative new stud earring designs are centered around the remarkable beauty of nature and the exotic allure that can only be created by Mother Earth herself. Leaves, petals and blossoms all inspire the exquisite designs in this unbelievably stunning collection. Different types of flowers have different shapes and lines that give them their own special appearance. Anjolee takes common floral designs and gives them just the right amount of edge to make the mesmerizing diamond earrings a fun, naturalistic modernity.

For example, imagine a pretty blooming tulip, a classic and easily recognizable flower. One of Anjolee’s Tulip Diamond Stud Earring designs features round brilliant diamonds prong set in the solid petals of a bloom while another Tulip Diamond Stud Earring design has open petals to show off the entirety of the diamonds. Even though there are a few diamond stud earrings based on the same floral element, each pair has its own unique interpretation and style.

Customize Your Diamond Stud Earrings

Floral Diamond Stud Earrings

From carat size to cushion cut or princess cut diamonds, there are many ways to customize a pair of sparkling diamond earrings to fit your personal preferences and budget. Some of the illuminating diamond stud earring designs are more subtle and dainty, and others are more intricate, detailed and hypnotizing. Equally fabulous and modest, the eye catching Flower Petal Stud Diamond Earrings showcase a pair of dazzling round diamonds flawlessly set in a circle of loops representing the graceful petals of a flower. For this particular design, there are seven total carat weight options to choose from, five distinct diamond qualities and a selection of precious metal settings.

Online shopping for high quality diamonds can be intimidating, especially if you do not have much diamond education. Anjolee makes buying diamonds online as easy to understand as possible, so that you are guaranteed to get what you pay for. Diamonds are placed in a range of categories conveniently titled Good, Better and Best. Each category has its own specific clarity rating (how many blemishes) and color rating (how crystalline). The categories coordinate with an appropriate price for that specific diamond quality, giving you a price range of diamonds to choose from.

Gorgeous diamond earrings are an excellent gift for any occasion and for any woman in your life. Choose the Beautiful Tulip Diamond Stud Earrings in romantic 18k white gold or opt for the enchanting Lotus Flower Brilliant Stud Earrings in icy white platinum. No matter which pair you select, the timeless gift of diamond earrings will surely put a smile on her face.

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