Organization Tips For A Fresh Spring Wardrobe

March 20th was the start of spring season and is a wonderful time to make some edits and subtle changes to your wardrobe in an effort to invent a fresh Spring look. If you like to shop, Spring is a fun season to add in pops of color and fun details that you would not wear during the other months.
Make use of some fabulous items you already own: To stay on top of trends while preserving your wallet, the best thing to do is rearrange your closet. Put the lighter, brighter colored frocks towards the center of your closet and pack away most of your wintertime clothing items. Keep some heavier basic layering pieces like lightweight sweaters, blazers and capes.When you rearrange your closet like this and store away the heavier items, you are making room for a couple of new additions.  Also, utilizing what you have instead of buying all new pieces is a great way to conserve money. Recycling some basic pieces can go a long way when you simply add a few fun accessories. You can have a beautiful wardrobe for this pre-summer season. The key to spring this year is layering light items to accommodate a shift in weather and incorporating brighter, cheerier colors into your everyday wear.

Keep color in mind when you are choosing your accessories, coral, brown and pink can be great bases and are taken to the next level when you accent it with bright purple, sunburst yellow, sun-kissed blue and olive green. Of course, if you are wearing colorful clothing, the addition of diamond jewelry accessories like a classic diamond pendant or pair of designer stud earrings would add more glamour!

Spring Inspiration - D&G Spring 2011 Ad

D&B launched this ad campaign for their Spring 2011 line. I loved the long flowing floral dresses, combined with crisp white jackets on the guys, this is a very literal interpretation of Spring. However, there is something very ethereal and beautiful about these looks.How do you plan to look your best this Season?

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