Pave Set Diamond Choker Necklaces Add Unique Style


Diamond Flower Choker

Diamond Flower Choker SN402 1200x630

Featuring a beautiful cascading flower design pave set with glittering round cut diamonds, the exquisite Diamond Flower Choker is a unique and stunning addition to every woman’s wardrobe. The gorgeous genuine diamonds are flawlessly pave set into a precious metal setting to match the sleek, polished length of this intriguing open choker. Your metal type options are: sophisticated platinum, alluring 14k or 18k white gold or striking 14k or 18k yellow gold.

The dazzling round cut diamonds used to create both of the floral focal ends on the luxurious Diamond Flower Choker can be selected from three distinct diamond qualities, each with its own color and clarity rating. The color rating is how crystal clear a diamond is while the clarity rating reflects how many blemishes are visible under a microscope lens.

Every diamond choker necklace comes with an Anjolee Certification of Authenticity that lists the diamond properties, metal type, appraisal value and more. For a small fee, you have the choice of adding a third party IGI appraisal certificate. Stylish, shimmering and unforgettable, the charming Diamond Flower Choker makes you feel special every time you wear it.


Diamond Butterfly Choker

Diamond Butterfly Choker SN401 1200x630

Delicate dancing butterflies are the highlight of the stunning Diamond Butterfly Choker from Anjolee. Hundreds of dainty round cut diamonds are pave set into glittering diamond butterfly shapes. Open ended, one side of the choker has a single charming butterfly while the other end has a lovely cascade of three fluttering butterflies. To fit within your budget and your personal style, there are many customization options for you to create the perfect diamond choker necklace.

For a subtly sophisticated and romantically alluring appearance, choose premium platinum or feminine 14k or 18k white gold as the setting for your twinkling diamonds. Classic and bold, 14k or 18k yellow gold produces a strikingly majestic final look. The illustrious round cut diamonds are selected from a range of diamond qualities categorized by Anjolee as Good, Better and Best. Each quality has a standardized color and clarity rating assigned to it which depicts how crystal clear and sparkling the diamonds are.

Along with your hypnotically brilliant Diamond Butterfly Choker, you receive an Anjolee Certification of Authenticity detailing the specifics of your diamonds, precious metal and other pertinent information such as the appraisal value. Refined enough for the day and luminous enough for evening, this breathtaking diamond choker can be worn anywhere, anytime.


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