Perfect Pairs: Halo Earrings With Matching Necklaces

What are Halo Diamonds?

What are halo diamonds, and why are they essential to fine diamond jewelry? Halo diamonds are small diamonds that encircle a larger center gemstone, such as center diamond or ruby. They are called halo diamonds because they form a ring around the center of the jewelry piece, creating a heavenly look as well as additional sparkle for the fine diamond jewelry.

Because of the halo diamond design, jewelry containing a center diamond will appear up to half a carat larger! They are truly a modern design for fine diamond jewelry.

At Anjolee, we provide customers with the highest quality selection of fine diamond pendants, necklaces, and earrings, but we are also experts in pairing jewelry and creating matching sets. If you are shopping for matching jewelry for someone wonderful in your life or looking for inspiration on how to pair halo diamond jewelry as a set, read on for Anjolee’s top three suggestions for pairing our featured jewelry from the Halo Collection.

The Heavenly Halo Duo – A Halo Diamond Earring and Pendant Necklace Combination

This pairing matches our Heavenly Halo Drop Earrings with the Heavenly Halo Drop Pendant. Both feature a center diamond surrounded by small halo diamonds and bring out the most sparkle, just the way diamonds should look. The center diamond of the earrings also drops from a smaller diamond, which makes it pair perfectly with the drop pendant necklace’s features.

Heavenly Halo

You can customize our matching jewelry to your liking, so the size of the center stone and metal material are up to you. However, for the best jewelry pairing possible, we recommend that you pick similar sizes and the same metal, so it allows your matching jewelry to stand out together as an elegant statement rather than have its colors and features serve as a distraction.

The Ravishing Cushion Cut Halo Pairing – Adding a Little More Shape to Your Halo Diamond Jewelry

This set of Ravishing Cushion Cut Diamond Drop Earrings and Ravishing Cushion Cut Diamond Drop Pendant is essential for someone who likes to stand out a little more by giving their fine jewelry more definition and shape. This matching halo jewelry pair is made of beautiful cushion cut diamonds as the center gemstone, creating a slightly square look for the earrings and necklace.

Ravishing Cushion Cut

Surrounding the cushion cut diamond in each piece of fine jewelry is a halo of small diamonds that hug the angles of the center diamond and creating a similar square shape. We suggest selecting this matching set of halo jewelry for a classy everyday look that will become part of your personal brand. Pairing ravishing cushion cut diamonds never fails, and with a fine metal such as gold or platinum, it will never go out of style.

The Surrounded with Love Jewelry Set – Jewelry that’s Sparkling but Simple

Last but not least, one of our favorite halo diamond jewelry sets is combining the Surrounded With Love Diamond Drop Earrings and the Surrounded With Love Diamond Pendant. This matching jewelry is stunning because of the wide halos surrounding the center diamonds in both the drop earrings and the pendant, which create the ultimate shine and sparkle without being too distracting to the viewer.

Surrounded With Love

The center diamond is held in place by durable prongs, allowing the most light to shine through. That’s what makes your round drop earrings and necklace really glow. To customize this matching jewelry set for the best balance of simplicity and sparkle, try selecting the same metal for both pieces of fine jewelry to have accessories that are perfect for day or night.

Matching halo diamond jewelry can be done in many different ways. For more matching jewelry, you can find our branded jewelry pairings here in our Better Together Collection.

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