Be Red Carpet Ready with an Anjolee Multi Strand Diamond Bracelet!


Double Strand Flexible Diamond Bracelet


Double Strand Diamond Bracelet

With two rows of dazzling round cut diamonds, the eye catching Double Strand Flexible Diamond Bracelet from Anjolee is sure to impress. Hundreds of illuminating round cut diamonds are flawlessly prong set side by side to create an enchantingly exquisite diamond bracelet that looks stunning with any attire. The exact number of diamonds is determined by the length you choose and the size of the diamonds depends upon your selection of total carat weight.


There are three choices of total carat weights for the shimmering Double Strand Flexible Diamond Bracelet (4.62 carats, 5.66 carats or 7.56 carats). Based on a standard 7” bracelet length, a 4.62 carats selection has 154 brilliant 1.9mm (0.03 carat) round cut diamonds while a 7.56 carats bracelet has 126 gorgeous 2.5mm (0.06 carat) diamonds. These genuine diamonds are to be chosen from three different diamond quality choices: Good, Better and Best. Each option has its own specific color and clarity ratings; the color rating reflects how crystalline the diamonds are and the clarity rating is measured by the amount of blemishes visible under a microscope.


For a regal and bold look, choose to have your illustrious diamonds set against a classic 14k or 18k yellow gold backdrop. If you prefer a more romantic and feminine diamond tennis bracelet, select icy platinum or alluring 14k or 18k white gold setting. All of your customization will be thoroughly documented in an included Anjolee Certification of Authenticity. Surprise her on a special occasion or just because with the mesmerizing Double Strand Flexible Diamond Bracelet.


Triple Strand Flexible Diamond Tennis Bracelet

Triple Strand Flexible Diamond Tennis Bracelet

As the definition of grace, elegance and radiance, the glamorous Triple Strand Flexible Diamond Tennis Bracelet adds a captivating brilliance to any outfit. There are numerous ways to customize this beautiful diamond bracelet to fit your budget and style preference. All of your choices are documented in a detailed Anjolee Certification of Authenticity that comes free with every purchase; this certificate includes total carat weight, precious metal, diamond quality and appraisal value.

The three distinct strands of glittering round cut diamonds can be set in your choice of precious metal. Traditional 14k or 18k yellow gold creates a bold, contrasting look while icy platinum or sophisticated 14k or 18k white gold produce a more romantic and modern appearance. The total number of diamonds in your breathtaking Triple Strand Flexible Diamond Tennis Bracelet depends on the selected length while the size of the round cut diamonds is determined by your total carat weight selection. For example, a standard 7” tennis bracelet with a total carat weight choice of 5.55 carats has 222 dazzling 1.75mm (0.025 carat) diamonds. A 7” diamond bracelet with 9.90 total carats has 165 gorgeous 2.5mm (0.06 carat) genuine diamonds.

Another choice to make is the quality of the diamonds in your impressive diamond tennis bracelet. The clarity rating is based on the number of inclusions visible under a microscope and the color rating of a diamond is determined by how crystalline (colorless) they are. Anjolee makes this selection simpler by categorizing diamonds as Good, Better or Best. Make your personalized selections and feel proud when you receive the charming and intriguing Triple Strand Flexible Diamond Tennis Bracelet.[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]

Multi Strand Flexible Diamond Tennis Bracelet

Multi Strand Flexible Diamond Tennis Bracelet


Be red carpet ready in moments when you put on the intensely stunning Anjolee Multi Strand Flexible Diamond Tennis Bracelet. This unbelievably brilliant diamond bracelet features five strands with literally hundreds of hypnotizing round cut diamonds draped delicately around your wrist. Each strand dangles separately from each other to create subtle but highly mesmerizing movement. With an array of customization options, this diamond tennis bracelet is made just for you or the one you love.


The most modest design choice has a total carat weight of 9.25 carats and 370 twinkling 1.75mm (0.025 carat) diamonds (for a standard 7” bracelet). The most impressive selection has 275 lustrous 2.5mm (0.06 carat) round cut diamonds in a 7” bracelet. The total carat weight and number of diamonds will depend upon your length choice. The dazzling diamonds in your Multi Strand Flexible Diamond Tennis Bracelet can be selected from three different quality types, each with its own color and clarity ratings. Anjolee makes this simple by classifying diamond qualities as either Good, Better or Best.


These genuine diamonds can be expertly set into the high end precious metal of your choice: classic and bold 14k or 18k yellow gold, premium platinum or modern 14k or 18k white gold. Each bracelet is accompanied by a comprehensive Anjolee Certification of Authenticity which details the properties of your diamonds and specifics of your diamond bracelet. When you wear the show stopping Multi Strand Flexible Diamond Tennis Bracelet, sparkle and glitter emanate in all directions with every move you make.


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