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Recently, a customer of ours emailed her engagement story to us and it was very sweet, so I really wanted to share it with you. If you are a fan of romantic stories, please read on…

Janene W. and Derek O. met randomly at a close mutual friends’ birthday dinner in 2009. Since they were both social butterflies by nature, they circulated around the group of friends, swapping stories of the birthday girl.  They always seemed to end the conversation with others by circling back towards each other.

When it came for the birthday toast, the birthday gal got up and specifically mentioned the friendships she had with her two close friends Janene and Derek and how much they both meant to her. She went on to say that she always thought they would be a good match for each other, but did not want to get thrown into an awkward position of  matchmaker and get caught between two friends.

They exchanged acknowledging looks that there was something undeniable between them that had indeed sparked that night. Derek would later tell their friends that he felt something evoking his heart from that moment on, and every time since when he looked over at Janene. They got married 2 years later and are still together happily ever after! Their love was eternally expressed with a beautiful white gold matching bridal set from Anjolee!

Do you have a romantic engagement or wedding story? Did you tie the knot with an Anjolee diamond bridal ring? Please submit your story in the comments below!

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