Just In! The Double Halo Pendant

Our Double Halo Pendant necklaces are some of the most singularly beautiful pieces we have in our collection.

They catch the light and glimmer on someone without being too over the top. Instead, they add just the right amount of sparkle.

Double Halo Pendant with Diamonds

Double Halo Brilliance Diamond Pendant The Double Halo Brilliance Diamond Pendant necklace is simple at first glance, but move it around even slightly and you will see the true beauty it has. A double halo surrounds a radiant round diamond in this exquisite pendant, showing off all the ways a diamond can shine. The smaller diamonds sparkle and shine while giving the larger diamond a stunning foundation. This is truly a special piece.

This stunning pendant can be a go-to piece for everyone who owns it. The necklace is comfortable to wear thanks to the chain, but still stunning enough to wear on special occasions. It comes in many different finishes, including 14K gold, 18K gold, platinum, yellow gold, white gold, rose gold, and more.

Double Halo Pendant with Diamonds and Gemstones

Double Halo Brilliance Gemstone PendantThe Double Halo Brilliance Gemstone Pendant has the same beautiful design as its sibling, but instead of a center diamond, it has a gemstone. This adds some sparkle and color to the necklace.

This design is a bit more casual and perfect for everyday wear or can be used to mark a significant moment in someone’s life.

Choose from sapphire, ruby, emerald, tanzanite, pink sapphire, amethyst, garnet, or citrine as the gemstone of choice.

The gemstone is surrounded by two rows of circular diamonds that will catch the sun and make that center gemstone a true spectacle. Fixed in two places with rings, this pendant stays in place during the day.

Perfect As Gifts

These double halo pendants make amazing gifts for special occasions. If someone you know and love is getting married, moving into a new job, graduating college, or celebrating a milestone birthday, these are a wonderful choice.

You can select from any number of gemstones with the Double Halo Brilliance Gemstone Pendant, matching someone’s birthstone, favorite color, or maybe even the colors of their alma mater. The diamond pendant option is stunning and simple.

When you give this gift, you are telling someone that you care about them, and you are investing in them for the future.

Whether you are buying these double halo pendants as a gift for yourself or someone you love, know that they are uniquely special pieces. They can be dressed up or down to meet your own personal style, giving you wear after wear.

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