Shopping Made Easy: Our Tools For Buying Diamond Jewelry

Are you interested in purchasing diamond jewelry, but are not quite sure where to start? No worries, we are here to help! The Anjolee website is designed to make the process seamless, easy, and intuitive. We have several aspects of the website that are curated to help you find, choose, and design your next piece of jewelry.

Buying Guides

Anjolee Buying Guides are designed to help you understand the important things you should consider when making a purchase. Customers typically have a specific type of jewelry they are interested in, so we have broken up our Buying Guides into these topics:

Anjolee Diamond Jewelry

Product Filters

Our website is designed to help you filter through each category type with ease. At the top of each of our product pages you have options to simplify your choices by using features of your selected jewelry type.

For example, you can sort the selections by Product Rating, Jewelry Collection, Sort By (popularity, pricing), Stone Shape, Setting Type, and Total Carat Weight for Diamond Anniversary Rings.
For diamond rings, you may already know that you want a round cut diamond and you can select that as a filter. You can then select additional filters as well. These features are straightforward to use and help narrow down the selections in a thoughtful and curated way.

Product Filters

Custom Selections

Customization OptionsOnce you have chosen a piece of jewelry, you have the opportunity to customize it to your preferences. You can choose your size, metal type, total carat weight and diamond quality. There are additional options such as adding a Silver & CZ Replica to your order or choosing a third-party IGI certification.

Visualization Tools

For a closer look at a piece of jewelry, our 3D Experience and 360-degree images are also wonderful visualization tools to help you make the perfect selection.

With our 360-degree view you can rotate a piece of jewelry to see all of the intricacies of our styles. Our jewelry is finely crafted and designed, and this view will show you all of the detail.

The 3D Experience is a short video animation that shows each of our jewelry pieces as they would look when worn. For example, you can watch a video like the one below to see how a specific pair of earrings would look when worn.

Those who have used the 3D Experience and 360-degree imagery to purchase a beautiful piece of jewelry from Anjolee love our tools. “I bought a 10-year anniversary band for my wife – their website is second to none. The 3D video to present the jewelry is amazing. – Jim Furtek

“I looked at many diamond jewelry websites before choosing Anjolee for my diamond anniversary band. Anjolee had a large selection of styles and options at the best price. I liked having the option of customizing my ring and being able to visualize it in 3D, and also in a 360-degree view.” – Kathy Bates


We also provide additional visualization tools that show you how an item will look with a different metal type, or the differences in size you can expect for various diamond carat weights.

Anjolee is confident that all the features available on their website provide buyers with a comprehensive and unique buying experience. If you have any specific requirements or questions, we invite you to contact our jewelry specialists.

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