Spotlight on July’s Birthstone: Ruby

Spotlight on Ruby Gemstones

The July birthstone is the beautiful ruby; a richly colored, slight purplish red, gemstone. Set in white gold, yellow gold or platinum mounting, this gemstone adds a romantic accent to your fine jewelry. Rubies have been a treasured commodity throughout much of recorded history. In fact, they rival diamonds on the rarity and value, especially on larger carat sizes.

Various facts about Rubies
It is a red, gem variety of corundum.  Corundum is the mineral form of alumina which crystallizes in the hexagonal system. Sapphires also belong to this mineral family.

The red color is caused by minor amounts of trivalent Cr replacing Al in the crystal structure.

Ruby is most common in oval and cushion shapes. Other shapes such as round may be difficult to find in sizes above a carat. Rubies above five carats are the rarest and therefore the most valuable.

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