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Jewelry DesignsGuest Editor Richard C. is one of Anjolee’s talented designers. He uses his design imagination along with technology to create some of the finest jewelry styles.

Below, Richard shares his process for dreaming up and building new jewelry designs.

To make a new jewelry design, I usually start designing it in the computer.  If it’s a symmetrical design, I let the stones dictate the dimensions. If it has flowing curves, I usually draw them by hand or use other software like CorelDraw to make the shapes and import them into Matrix. I usually look at trends in the department stores and magazines to see what’s selling. For more inspiration, I look at design magazines of jewelry design competitions. I like taking a simple design idea and adding my touch to it.

For a new jewelry concept, I start with the stone sizes needed and design around that. I input the stone sizes into our software program and make everything in proportion. One interesting thing that I figured out is that it is possible to use other software programs to import files to create jewelry designs. This opens up the design capabilities for Matrix’ software, and brings a whole new element of graphic design into the jewelry making process.

– Richard C. Anjolee Designer

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