Tennis Bracelet Styles

Classic to Innovative: Different Styles

From the 1920’s until today, the stunning diamond tennis bracelet has remained a timeless and essential jewelry design. In order to be considered a tennis bracelet, the wrist jewelry must follow certain protocols; however, some rules are meant to be broken. All diamond tennis bracelets have a simple, flexible structure that is sleek and elegant. Tennis bracelets feature inline diamonds and are delicate, classy and never gaudy. As jewelry trends have progressed, the traditional tennis bracelet now has numerous style variations available, such as modern precious metal settings, captivating stone cuts and innovative links and patterns.

Diamond Shapes

A key aspect of an irresistible diamond tennis bracelet is the actual diamonds! Bright icy white diamonds can be cut into many distinctly beautiful shapes, each emitting its own spectacular light pattern. By far the most eye catching and popular cut (particularly in engagement rings), are round brilliant cut diamonds. These perfectly spherical shaped diamonds are also extremely popular in tennis bracelet styles. Oval shapes and the symmetrical square princess cut are both quite brilliant and look fabulous in a tennis bracelet.

Diamond shapes that feature a flat surface surrounded by stepped facets like the graceful baguette and regal emerald cuts may have less brilliance but they more than make up for it in sophistication. These vintage inspired cuts are not as common in tennis bracelets, but perfect for the woman looking for a traditional piece of jewelry with an alluring twist. Some new styles of tennis bracelets include colored gemstones such as emeralds and sapphires. It should be noted that those stones are softer and more prone to damage than the renowned hardness of diamonds.

Precious Metal Settings

Changing the color of your precious metal setting makes a drastic difference in the appearance of illustrious crystalline diamonds. The classic version of the tennis bracelet was set in bold yellow gold; however, new versions explore other high end precious metals. Along with vibrant 14k or 18k yellow gold, Anjolee offers tennis bracelets with dazzling diamonds encompassed in many premium metal settings. Finely polished platinum and ultra feminine 14k or 18k white gold set behind twinkling diamonds exudes a lovely and luxurious style. Women who want to be a little more unique opt for a romantic 14k or 18k rose gold setting.

Not only does precious metal affect the appearance of diamonds in your incredible tennis bracelet, but the setting type also needs to be considered. For example, the amazing bezel setting in Anjolee’s Effortlessly Stylish Round Diamond Tennis Bracelet flawlessly frames the gorgeous genuine diamonds. Other intriguing setting options for your glittering tennis bracelet from Anjolee include the smooth and seamless channel setting, the innovative and extraordinary half bezel setting and the confident, classical prong setting.

Links and Patterns

One of the fundamental components of the time-honored tennis bracelet design is a symmetric and repetitive pattern of fully connected diamonds. The thickness of the bracelet may vary, along with the link style and diamond pattern. Anjolee has an exceptional collection of diamond tennis bracelets showcasing classic and modern styles. The shimmering Milgrain Chain Link Diamond Bracelet is an ideal example of an updated version of the traditional tennis bracelet style. Instead of a continuous string of diamonds, the glistening stones are separated by individual chain links.

Tantalizing swirl link diamond tennis bracelets have wavy precious metal links between the diamonds that create a mesmerizing illusion of constant movement. The hypnotic boxed link style of tennis bracelets is like an endless roadway of show stopping diamonds. Even more innovative is when Anjolee takes a common shape such as circles to produce a breathtaking diamond hearts like the glamorous Triple Diamond Love Heart Bracelet.

Enduring the test of time and outliving so many fashion trends, the classic yellow gold and diamond tennis bracelet has grown to include countless variations of precious metals, settings and diamond shapes. With styles for day and night, a casual cocktail party or a fancy gala, the refined and radiant diamond tennis bracelet makes a charmingly impressive statement.

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