Anjolee’s Unboxing Experience: “It Literally Took our Breath Away!”

We all remember the incredible excitement of opening a gift when we were kids – ripping through ribbons, bows and gift wrap in a mad, wonderful flurry of paper and anticipation.

As adults, we are a little more dignified when it comes to opening gifts, or opening a box to reveal a new product we have purchased. Still, the magic of the moment – in what popular culture has coined the ‘unboxing experience’ – still thrills us, no matter how old we are.

Anjolee jewelry is boxed with care (we even use white gloves when handling your order) and arrives to you in quality packaging designed to capture that magic. The moment begins when opening our signature blue Anjolee box, and is capped with a wonderful surprise when opening the deluxe jewelry box inside that contains an LED light that illuminates the piece. 

It is an enchanting moment that our customers absolutely love, and at Anjolee, we love being a part of creating such beautiful memories.

“What a surprise when I opened the box. They were shipped extremely secure and the earring box lit up when I opened it. What a great first impression.” – Deborah, Port Allen, Louisiana.

“I loved the box the ring came in (has a light for that “wow” moment)! – Irin, Fort Lee, New Jersey

“The presentation when you open the box is beyond what any other jeweler wishes they could do.” – J.K., Fremont, California

 “Bought this ring for me and my wife’s 40th anniversary.  She loved it, especially when the little light came on in the ring box, which made the ring look especially good.” – David, Blanco, Texas

“We were not expecting the little light in the jewelry box, so when he opened it the ring glittering in the provided box literally took our breath away!” – Karlien, Houston, Texas

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