The Diamond Ring: A Celebration of Love, Life and Milestones

Whether you are proposing to someone special, getting married, celebrating an anniversary or commemorating a milestone,  the diamond ring is the quintessential symbol of your love.

Engagement  & Wedding Rings

Anjolee Engagement RingProposing to someone you love is one of the most special, momentous occasions in your life. This is the ring that you hope will not only knock her off her feet, but also that she will wear for the rest of her life. Then comes the wedding day. There is a lot to consider when it comes to rings for both occasions, and it can be stressful. We’re here to help. Here is what you should consider when ring shopping:

What styles should I consider? Solitaires are the classic, and most popular, engagement ring style. The most popular stone shapes for solitaire rings include round, princess, emerald, marquise cushion, heart, pear and oval. Three-stone engagement rings feature three diamonds or gemstones in a row. Eternity rings have diamonds that go all the way round the band. And many engagement rings also feature side stones for added sparkle. When it comes to wedding rings, traditionally they have been simple gold bands, but many people are now opting for diamond or gemstone wedding rings. A gemstone ring will add a pop of color and shine, while a diamond wedding ring is a bit more understated, but still adds a lot of sparkle.

What type of setting should you buy? We advise you when selecting a setting to think about her lifestyle. Is she active? Does show have a job where she uses her hands a lot? If so, then perhaps something other than the traditional solitaire would be best. You can learn more about settings from Anjolee Academy.

What type of metal should I choose? Is platinum an option? Does she like rose gold? Or does she prefer something more classic like a 14K gold or 18K gold? To get the answer, all you really need to do is open her jewelry box and see what she already has. Gold, measured in karats, has a lustrious yellow sheen and is the most common metal type chosen for fine jewelry. Platinum has a silvery, white finish that enhances the appearance of diamonds.

What if I am on a budget? You can save money (and time) by purchasing a matching engagement ring and wedding band from our Bridal Sets collection.

For more tips, read our Engagement Ring Buying Guide.

Anniversary Rings

Anjolee Modern Mix Diamond Anniversary RingAn anniversary is a great time to remind your beloved how much she means to you. This should be a ring that is different from her engagement ring but also complements it. There are many different styles of anniversary rings and what you want to buy her is up to you. It is the memories and feelings behind it that make it special.

You can opt for something traditional, like our popular Five Across Diamond Band or something quite unique, like our fashionable Modern Mix Diamond Anniversary Ring (pictured at right) featuring emerald cut diamonds or our Royal Crown Diamond and Gemstone Ring. Eternity rings, with diamonds and/or gemstones that go all the way around the band, are also a great option.

For more tips, visit our Anniversary Ring Buying Guide

Milestone Rings

Anjolee Three Row Princess Gemstone And Round Diamond Fashion RingDid she get a new job? Or was she promoted? Get her a unique ring to celebrate the event – something she can put on to remind her of the milestone in her career. Look for something that is not overly flashy or too big, as those may get in the way at work. Instead, look for something that stands out on its own because of unique details, gems, style, or design.

Or perhaps there is another milestone you wish to celebrate? You can start with our Fashion Rings Collection, which has many beautiful and unique styles to choose from.

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