The Difference Between Natural and Synthetic Diamonds

Real Diamonds vs. Lab Made Diamonds

Have you ever noticed the flicker of a diamond tennis bracelet or diamond ring and wondered if the diamonds were natural or synthetic? Differences between natural and synthetic diamonds are not usually visible to the human eye. Below I will briefly highlight the important differences in composition and characteristics of both lab made and natural stones.

Lab made diamonds are durable, and are valued because they are excellent electrical insulators with high thermal ratings and are best utilized in industrial forms. To produce artificial diamonds, you copy what happens under natural conditions using a high temperature high pressure (HTHP) method. Amazingly, it can take as little as a couple of days to make a  three carat synthetic diamond.

Natural Diamonds are formed in the earth when carbon is put under incredible pressure and heat. Diamonds come from deep within the Earth’s crust, formed there by the incredible pressure and relatively manageable temperatures. They form beneath the continental crust, from pure carbon.

When you look at synthetic and natural diamonds side by side there are a few, detectable differences. Mainly it is a lack of flaws in the synthetic diamonds that give them away as almost all natural diamonds have flaws to some degree. Also the weight will be heavier in a lab produced stone, and the cost is greatly different.

Many consumers believe when it comes to personal jewelry items, buying authentic, real diamonds is still the preferred option.  What do you think?

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