The History of the Tennis Bracelet

How Did The Tennis Bracelet Start?

Originally referred to as an eternity bracelet or inline diamond bracelet, the classic style of a flexible strand of individually set diamonds in a symmetrical pattern has been worn since the 1920’s. The story behind why these twinkling jewelry wrist pieces are now called tennis bracelets happened at the 1987 U.S. Open. Tennis star Chris Evert was in the middle of an intense game of tennis when her diamond bracelet became unclasped and fell off of her wrist. She quickly stopped the game and asked for time to find her cherished diamond “tennis bracelet”.

Don’t let the name tennis bracelet fool you! The lightweight, easy to wear bracelet is an excellent choice for active and athletic women; however it is also a great accessory for all types of women. Athletes, grandmothers, artists and homemakers all appreciate the simple beauty and reliability of the irresistible diamond and gold combination. Since the incident on the tennis court, many updates have been made to the classic tennis bracelet to make it more secure and stable on your wrist. Stronger clasps, safety chains and secure links make this stylish design more practical and durable.

Because the simple and sophisticated tennis bracelet is so versatile and is guaranteed to please many different women, it is an ideal gift for the one you love. A sleek gold wrist adornment set with diamonds and a sparkling pair of diamond stud earrings is ideal for the hard-working mother or busy businesswoman. Instead of the expected diamond or gemstone anniversary ring for your special occasion, consider surprising your beautiful wife with a brilliant diamond tennis bracelet in icy platinum. For the independent woman who loves to buy a unique gift for herself, an eyecatching double strand diamond tennis bracelet in 14k white gold is just perfect.

Tennis Bracelet History

Along with gorgeous diamond engagement rings, wedding rings and designer earrings, Anjolee has a stunning array of exquisite diamond tennis bracelets. These remarkable pieces of jewelry can be customized to match your personal taste and style. Breathtaking diamonds in all shapes and sizes are flawlessly set into a high end precious metal setting that you choose (yellow gold, white gold or platinum). For a trademark tennis bracelet, Anjolee offers the elegant Timeless Dreams and Classic 4 Prong Diamond Tennis Bracelets. If you prefer a more updated approach to the quintessential tennis bracelet, consider the hypnotizing Wavy Hood Link bracelet in feminine rose gold.

From the past, to the present and into the future, the illustrious diamond tennis bracelet is a timeless jewelry piece that every woman should own. Experts in the fashion world agree that no jewelry collection is complete without a charming and shimmering diamond tennis bracelet. Take a look through the amazing selection of high quality diamond tennis bracelets offered by Anjolee and there is sure to be one that catches your eye and captures your heart.

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