Tips for Insuring Your Fine Jewelry Investment

Insuring Fine Diamond and Bridal Jewelry

Don’t Hide Beauty and Brilliance

It’s funny how some people buy or collect fine diamond and bridal jewelry, only to have them locked away in the safe for fear of losing them. Until the precious pieces find their way into your fingers, neck or wrist, their exquisite beauty and brilliance will be blotted out in the dark shadows of the coffer. What a pity! But thanks to jewelry insurance, you can now wear your fabulous diamond necklace or that stunning engagement rock your husband gave you when he proposed, when you want to without having to constantly look over your shoulder.

Preserve Priceless Pieces and Precious Memories

It’s not just the monetary value that you are protecting when you insure fine diamond and bridal jewelry. You very well know that these priceless pieces have their own stories to tell. They serve as your tangible remembrance of those precious memories, whether it was that of your husband’s astounding marriage proposal, that day you exchanged “I do’s”, or that night you celebrated your 25th wedding anniversary.

That’s what jewelry insurance is for: More than securing the expensive pieces, it also preserves these cherished mementos. Whether you lose your fine diamond or wedding ring to theft, loss, mysterious disappearance or even due to damage, you can be assured that these precious treasures will be replaced with pieces of the same kind and quality, if these are covered by a comprehensive jewelry insurance.

Choosing a Jewelry Insurance Provider

Your choice of a jewelry insurer is crucial. Make it a point to choose one whose coverage comprehensively includes replacing missing gemstones and repairing damaged prongs by a jeweler of your choosing. Not only that, also see to it that the jewelry insurance provider has the capacity to replace insured pieces with the same kind and quality. Would you allow your custom made Anjolee jewelry, Cartier or Harry Winston to be replaced by a brand that is unheard of or of an inferior kind? Hence, look for a jewelry insurer that can provide you with a replacement that is hard to tell apart from the original piece.

Look for a jewelry insurer that also offers optional coverage for jewelry pieces that you wear only for special occasions. You don’t wear a $100,000-necklace every week, so this optional coverage would suffice. If you are a spontaneous jewelry buyer, you will benefit from a jewelry insurance provider that provides automatic coverage. With an automatic coverage, you don’t have to get so anxious about losing your new acquisition. Also consider opting for a jewelry insurance that also covers stones while these are being embedded by your jeweler. This comes in handy if you have gems, which you bought elsewhere and have it mounted by your jeweler. You cannot find such coverage in most personal jewelry insurance policies.

Lastly, look for a jewelry insurance policy that has no deductible option. Losing a priced piece of jewelry is already difficult enough and must not compel you to fork out more money than you already have.

So with your treasured pieces insured, you can sport them whenever and wherever, and buy new pieces or have stones set onto your jewelry without worries. By insuring your fine diamond and bridal jewelry, you protect more than just a monetary investment, but your prized memories, as well. For more information about caring for your fine jewelry investment, please visit the Education Guide on

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