Tips for Planning a Green Wedding

Tips for Planning a Green Wedding

Our next installment of wedding planning posts, will focus on tips for planning an Eco-friendly wedding. As most of us are trying our best to be more Eco-friendly, we take steps to reduce, reuse and recycle in an effort to minimize our carbon footprint. These efforts spill over into many aspects of our lives — and of course weddings are no exception. Eco-friendly weddings are one of the hottest bridal trends. If you are looking for ways to plan a green wedding, then we have some simple tips that you can incorporate into big day!

Location, Location, Location

Many of today’s couples are choosing a responsible venue such as a museum, art gallery, or botanical garden. The reason is, these educationally rich venues benefit greatly from the fee which is paid hold a wedding there. These venues enrich the community — and of course the botanical garden is a beautiful addition and benefit to our planet.


Get Back to Nature

Eco-friendly décor is another great way to go green. It’s as easy as taking a nature hike, or even heading out your own back door. You’ll be able to gather all sorts of wonderful items such as pine cones, twigs, rocks, nuts, etc. that can be used in centerpieces and other wedding décor. If you are crafty, or know someone who is, you can create some fantastic DIY nature projects.

Do the Earth a Favor

Choose eco-friendly favors such as natural bamboo coasters, fans constructed of recycled paper, or candles made of bees wax. In addition, as you exit your reception, your guests can shower you with tissue confetti as is explodes out of biodegradable wedding poppers.

A Natural Setting

Eco-friendly place cards are another stylish way to help the Earth. Place cards that are made of recycled paper and feature seeds are fun and eco-friendly. After your big day they can be planted to produce flowers. Personalize them so it’s easy for guests will know exactly where they are sitting during the reception.

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