Tips on How to Choose a Diamond Tennis Bracelet

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With so many choices for diamond tennis bracelets, narrowing it down to just one can be a difficult task. Below are five tips on how to choose a diamond tennis bracelet.

  1. Decide on a Style of Tennis Bracelet– Classic, Vintage, Red Carpet, Simple, Designer or Gemstone.
  2. Choose the metal type you want – Popular metal types for tennis bracelets include yellow gold, white gold and platinum. You can play around with 10k, 14k or 18k gold depending on your preference. 10k is mixed with the most alloys, so is lightest and durable. 18k is the softest as it mixed with the least amount of alloys. It is the heaviest and most expensive of the three metal types
  3. Measure your wrist – The standard length for women’s bracelets is 7” and 8” for men’s. However, not everyone has the exact same size wrist, so it is better to measure an existing bracelet. You want to take measurement from end to end, not including the clasp portion.
  4. Determine a budget – If you have a limit to how much you can spend, most companies will provide a budgeting tool, so you can sort the bracelets by price.
  5. Research the diamond quality options. A tennis bracelet is usually a big purchase and can be an investment piece you will have for many years. Take the time to research the diamond quality to ensure you will have a beautiful bracelet with brilliant looking diamonds!

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