Unexpected Gifts For Valentine’s Day

Surprise Her This Valentine’s Day !

Roses and chocolate are still very popular items to give for Valentine’s Day, but why not go for something she will not expect. Surprise her with something that will last much longer than a bouquet of flowers or something edible. A gift of jewelry is the perfect choice for something unexpected. See the below picks for idealistic gifts for this romantic holiday:

Heart Shaped Diamond Studs

Heart Shaped Earrings – The definitive accessory to show your romantic feelings, a heart shaped earring is a budget friendly option that she will appreciate. Choose a pair to match her style! Look at her other jewelry and get a pair in a similar metal type. Starting at just $200, these really are the thoughtful gift idea that will score you huge points with your loved one – without going broke.

Classic Three Prong Diamond Studs

Traditional Stud Earrings – The accessory every woman wants to have. She can wear them to any event or with any outfit which makes these earrings the ultimate go to item. Plus, they can easily coordinate with a variety of other jewelry items.

Classic Diamond Journey Pendant

Journey Jewelry – Often thought of as the jewelry that tells a story, journey jewelry can represent the beginning, celebration or landmark occasion of any relationship. Some couples use journey jewelry to celebrate each anniversary or the start of a new journey together. What better holiday than Valentines to honor such a special event!

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