Diamond Bracelet Styles for All Types of Women

From casual to cocktail, there is a dazzling diamond bracelet to suit the occasion and the woman wearing it. When combined with diamond stud earrings or a glittering diamond ring, an accompanying diamond bracelet can be truly incredible. Anjolee has all types of diamond bracelet styles, from opulent red carpet bling to subtly sophisticated accessories. To help you decide which diamond bracelet type suits you best, here is a general guide to the many bracelet styles available.


Exquisite and timeless, vintage style diamond bracelets have an irresistible antique feel to them. Many designs highlight milgrain, filigree, and art deco as inspiration. Some of these intriguing vintage diamond bracelets have a victorian appeal while others seek a more geometric style. The diamond experts and designers at Anjolee offer an impressive collection of vintage style diamond bracelets such as the mesmerizing Graduated Antique Diamond Bracelet in platinum.


 Radiant Diamond Tennis BraceletSome of the most classic types of bracelets are the inline diamond tennis bracelet and stylish bangle bracelet. Many women quickly recognize the flirty yet sophisticated drape of a traditional 18k yellow gold diamond tennis bracelet. Anjolee has an array of diamond tennis bracelets from the classic style to updated versions such as the eye catching Radiant Diamond Tennis Bracelet. Bangle bracelets have a more rigid shape, have no clasp, and generally wrap around the full circumference of your wrist. These attractive bracelets are beautiful on their own or stacked atop one another.


Elegant Dual Sizes Diamond BraceletAlong with charming classic styles, Anjolee also has many modern, innovative diamond bracelet designs. A touch more modern than the sleek simplified look of a diamond tennis bracelet is a similar design with alternating sizes of icy brilliant round cut diamonds as seen in the shimmering Elegant Dual Sizes Diamond Bracelet. There are many designer diamond bracelets with modern touches such as the infinity symbol, multi-colored precious metals, and enchanting heart and butterfly shapes. Luxurious diamond bracelets bursting with brilliant sparkle are showcased in the Red Carpet Collection. These illuminating diamond bracelets are best when flawlessly set upon a modern 18k white gold setting. For a contemporary take on a fun diamond charm bracelet, Anjolee offers breathtaking beauties like the romantic Alluring Nights Diamond Charm Bracelet in 18k rose gold.


Elegant Dual Size Diamond And Gemstone BraceletFor a look with a little more pizazz, check out Anjolee’s diamond and gemstone bracelets where brightly colored gemstones are incorporated into the crystalline beauty of the diamonds. These stunning (and sometimes exotic) bracelets are perfect for birthday or anniversary gifts. Select your loved one’s birthstone or the stone of the month you were married in and you have an instant heartfelt gift. Along with hypnotizingly beautiful diamonds, Anjolee diamond jewelry may also include the following premium quality, vibrant gemstones: amethyst, citrine, emerald, garnet, topaz, sapphire, ruby, and tanzanite. An exceptional example of the eclectic visual of white diamonds next to vivid color is the marvelous Elegant Dual Size Diamond and Gemstone Bracelet.

With such an amazing selection of gorgeous high quality diamond bracelets, Anjolee is sure to have a special bracelet that matches your style and personality. Mix and match different types of diamond bracelets in coordinating tones for a more intense appearance. Show your own unique fashion by stacking diamond bracelets in contrasting precious metal settings. The combinations are endless.

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