Vintage Diamond Bracelets: Throwbacks To A Different Era

There are many different kinds of vintage bracelets – partly because ‘vintage’ means many different things to different people. No matter what, Anjolee has quite a few options for you to choose from. The most popular vintage diamond bracelets are:

Art Deco

Art deco is an extremely popular style of visual arts and architecture, and that style has made it to diamond jewelry as well. With a bracelet like the Vintage Art Deco Diamond Bracelet, you get something that is absolutely gorgeous and quite unique. It gives you all of that vintage feel with just the right modern advances and will quickly become your favorite wow pieces.

Anjolee Vintage Art Deco Diamond BraceletUniquely Vintage

If you are the type of person who loves vintage jewelry, you might also have a unique sense of style. The Victorian Capsule Link Diamond Bracelet is one of those artful designs that may appeal to that unique sense of style. The bracelet has beautiful bezels separated by circular diamonds and works very well on wrists of all sizes, creating lines that the eye cannot help but follow.

Anjolee Victorian Capsule Link Diamond BraceletChain Links

In a chain link style, diamonds are linked together on a chain. The bracelet is designed to have some space around the wrist so that it moves. With chain-link diamonds, you can wear them for special events or on a day to day basis, the choice is yours. For a truly classic style, take a look at our Milgrain Chain Link Diamond Bracelet, available in 18K gold or 14K gold.

Anjolee Vintage Milgrain Three Diamond Chain Link BraceletHeirloom

Bracelets like our Heirloom Round Center Diamond Bracelet are so beautiful and classic. They have a larger diamond surrounded by smaller diamonds in a circle pattern. The platinum and diamonds contrast with the skin to show off the gorgeous design.

Anjolee Heirloom Round Center Diamond Bracelet

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