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Vintage Jewelry

Guide to Vintage Tennis Bracelets

If you have an eye for vintage looking jewelry, you should design your own vintage diamond tennis bracelet. Vintage inspired jewels add romance to any ensemble. Many  original jewelry designs can be traced back to the stylizations of the Victorian era or Art Deco time period. Suggestive of a time past, these precious items become the pieces we end up treasuring the most.  A vintage looking diamond bracelet can be a charming accessory that sparks conversation; others will want to know the story of your bracelet.

When you think about what makes a piece of jewelry antique or vintage inspired, it really depends on the design details. For example, diamond bracelets with a millgrain edge have a visible raised beaded edge that is created with a knurling tool or sharp graver. The effect looks similar to antique embroidery. Another quality that makes a piece of jewelry appear to be from a past era is the appearance of tarnish. Or it could simply be darkened.  An aged appearance or special attention to detail will set a piece of vintage looking jewelry apart from the rest. Nowadays, jewelry is typically considered vintage if it is beyond 50 years old but you can also find great modern jewelry that is simply inspired by elements of a time past. This is also considered vintage styled jewelry.

If you are someone who loves antique charm and style or you are buying for someone who does, a vintage diamond tennis bracelet may just be the ideal piece of jewelry to own! It is the type of jewelry that can cross generations. You can be a 25 year old pairing an attractive vintage bracelet with your work attire, or a mature woman wearing it out to dinner with friends and family or a special event. Either way, with the incorporation of dazzling diamonds and intricate detailing, the piece will sparkle on your wrist while gathering the attention of others, who will wonder what the story is behind your wonderful statement piece!

Write your story by adding a personal vintage diamond tennis bracelet to your wardrobe. You will enjoy it for years to come. Maybe one day you will have the opportunity to pass it on to a family member that will truly extend the life of the piece. Because receiving a gift of vintage jewelry from a loved one is really a memory making experience.

My picks for Vintage Tennis Bracelets from Anjolee’s Collection are below:

1) The Vintage Dreams Tennis Bracelet

2) Antique Square Linked Diamond Bracelet

3) Vintage Quad Square Diamond Bracelet

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