What Wedding Bands Are Right For Your Style?


Classic Wedding Bands

Anjolee Classic Wedding Bands

For the minimalistic bride and groom who prefer more traditional, yet still high-end and sophisticated wedding bands, the Classic Wedding Bands Collection from Anjolee is the first place to start looking. This remarkable and distinguished collection contains seven distinct styles to choose from: Unisex Standard Comfort Fit, Domed Shape, Milgrain Domed, Double Milgrain, Flat Comfort Fit, Half Rounded Edge and Milgrain Edge. Each unique style has its own customization options available, such as ring sizes, band widths and precious metals.

The Unisex Standard and Flat Comfort Fit wedding bands are sleek, smooth rings available in band widths ranging from a delicate 1.5mm (0.06”) to a thicker, more prominent 8mm (0.31”). Half Rounded Edge Classic Wedding Bands have slight indentations on both edges of the band creating a subtle and elegant appearance. Some styles feature milgrain engraving, which is a very fine detail that makes a major visual impact. Literally meaning “a thousand grains”, milgrain is created by rolling a milgrain tool or by soldering numerous tiny beads directly onto the precious metal resulting in beautiful textured edges. The larger the width of the wedding band, the more apparent the intriguing milgrain effect.

All seven of the styles in the romantic Classic Wedding Bands Collection can be made in your choice of three different high quality metals: premium platinum, icy 14k or 18k white gold or brilliant 14k or 18k yellow gold. To make your wedding set even more special, opt to have some words of love engraved inside of the band. As an added bonus, these polished and refined wedding bands come complete with a detailed Anjolee Certification of Authenticity listing the specifics of your ring, such as the metal type and weight and an accurate appraisal value.[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]

Designer Wedding Bands

Anjolee Designer Wedding Bands

For brides and grooms seeking wedding rings with a little more excitement and energy, the show stopping designs in the Designer Wedding Bands Collection by Anjolee has just that. This impressive set of 42 rings has everything from dainty and alluring 2mm (0.08”) wide 14k rose gold bands (with milgrain or detailed edging) to an amazing, bold 6mm (0.24”) wide band with intricate crosses carved into the entire circumference. The Cross Romance Wedding Band is available in soft pink 14k rose gold, timeless 14k or 18k white gold or regal 14k or 18k yellow gold.

Many of the styles in the Anjolee Designer Wedding Bands Collection feature a classic pattern of a unique center band with an upper and lower edge in a different pattern. For example, the exquisite Harvest of Love designer wedding band has a striking wheat pattern in the center of the band while the edges are shiny and polished or the milgrain enhanced 6mm (0.24”) Round Edge Celtic Knot design (available in rose gold, white gold, yellow gold, palladium or platinum). Taking a modern, more eye catching approach to this classic ring style are the wedding bands that are two-toned like the Milgrain Edges, Hand Engraved Romance and Grooved Steps designs. Other styles incorporate the unique hammered style into the center strip with shiny or beveled edges.

As an added bonus, each wedding band is accompanied by a thorough Anjolee Certification of Authenticity which thoroughly details the properties and appraisal value of your specific ring. To make your wedding ring even more special and unique, choose to have a few words of love engraved into the interior of the band. All of the captivating designs in the Designer Wedding Bands Collection are crafted with continuity, devotion and comfort in mind.[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]

Modern Wedding Bands

Anjolee Modern Wedding Bands

Shiny, satin, beveled and grooved, the exquisite and unique rings in Anjolee’s Modern Wedding Bands Collection come in many different styles and choices. Some bands have an elegant milgrain engraving while others include glittering diamonds. From creatively carved selections such as the two-toned Ichthys Design and Celtic Knot to more simple and modest options like the single-tone Satin Finish and Comfort Fit styles, there is guaranteed to be a gorgeous wedding band within this collection of fifty rings that suits you.

Modern wedding bands with a shiny finish have a brighter, more polished appearance while those with a satin finish are more subtly sophisticated. There are even a few rings that feature a combination of both shiny and satin like the Shiny Center and Shiny Edges Satin Centers designs. Many styles are enhanced with finely detailed edges such as coin, beveled, milgrain or drop edges. The most brilliant wedding bands in this magnificent collection include lustrous diamonds flawlessly set within them. One of the most distinct options is the romantic Flat Top design which comes in three amazing colors: 14k rose gold, 14k yellow gold or 14k white gold.

The incredible rings in the Anjolee Modern Wedding Bands Collection can be further personalized by having sweet words of love engraved inside of the band. Every ring also comes with a comprehensive Anjolee Certification of Authenticity which details the specifics of your ring such as the metals used, diamond qualities (if included) and appraisal value. Regardless of which wedding band in the collection you choose, it is guaranteed to be a genuine and timeless piece that will last your entire lifetime.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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