Diamond Bracelet Buying Guide

Elegant sophistication is the mark of a fine diamond bracelet. They come in many different styles like the classic tennis bracelet, red carpet fashion, old-time vintage, bold and beautiful bangle, and gemstone styles brimming with color and flair. Other variations include charm bracelets, cuffs and diamond links.

Here, you will discover the features of each type of bracelet, get tips on selecting a setting for your bracelet, find out how to measure the correct length and also how to choose the best diamonds.


Choosing the quality of diamonds for your bracelet is a very important task and requires that you keep two factors in mind: the total diamond carat size and your budgetary limits.

When it comes to carat size, the bigger the diamond (its size in millimeters) and carat weight, the more visible any blemishes or coloration issues will be. That being said, a good rule of thumb when selecting diamonds for a tennis bracelet is if you select fairly large stones you will want to opt for a ‘better’ to best’ diamond quality and if you choose smaller diamonds, then ‘good’ to ‘better’ quality should be fine.

Decide on a budget for your bracelet and use the product configuration to create the perfect diamond bracelet that fits within your budget.


When it comes to selecting the right metal type for your diamond bracelet, consider which one your partner tends to wear regularly. Anjolee offers the following metal types: 14k and 18K yellow, white or rose gold and platinum.

The most popular metal for jewelry is 14 karat gold, which is 58.3% pure gold. The remaining percentage is comprised of alloy metals. Also ideal for fine jewelry is 18 karat gold, which consists of 75% gold and 25% alloy metals.

Platinum is a luxurious metal with a greater longevity than gold or silver. When platinum is scratched, it does not lose any metal and will not wear with time. All platinum jewelry sold on Anjolee has the platinum 950 mark which means it is 95.2% pure platinum combined with other alloys such as cobalt (2.8%) and copper (2.0%).


When ordering a line/tennis bracelet, the guideline is usually the natural wrist measurement plus half an inch. With this bit of room on the wrist, the bracelet will sit comfortably without falling too far down your arm. When measuring an existing bracelet, you generally do not need to include the clasp or the tongue portion of the bracelet when measuring.

The standard length for women’s flexible bracelets is 7 inches and the standard for men’s bracelets is 8 inches. Bangle bracelets are usually a 7-inch standard length.

Measuring Your Wrist
If you have any questions about length, simply contact service@anjolee.com.


Anjolee bracelets are known for their double security locks that ensure they stay securely on your wrist. Each of our lock styles – the Under Clasp and Figure 8 (Side Clasp) – have two security mechanisms that snap firmly into place.

Anjolee’s Double Security Locks


Tennis Bracelet

The tennis bracelet (or line bracelet) is one of the most popular and well-known styles. In addition to the classic tennis style, these stunning bracelets come in a variety of beautiful designs such as diamond drops, diamond crown, wavy, bezel set and floating diamonds, to name a few. There are also adjustable versions with a bolo-style chain.

Anjolee is the originator of the diamond tennis bracelet, and its leading manufacturer to this day. Did you know that the term ‘tennis bracelet’ was coined in 1987 when the famous tennis player, Chris Evert, lost her diamond bracelet during a US Open championship match? It’s true! The clasp on her diamond bracelet snapped, causing it to fall off, and when this happened, she asked the game officials to pause the tennis match until her jewelry could be located. From then on, this style of diamond bracelet was known as the ‘tennis bracelet.’

Anjolee Diamond Tennis BraceletsDesigner Diamond Bracelet

Designer diamond bracelets are more luxurious than an everyday tennis bracelet because of their unique designs.

Anjolee’s signature designer bracelets are the perfect complement to a pair of diamond earrings or necklace, or as accent jewelry.

Some designer bracelets are offered in two-tone metal – a mix of white gold and yellow gold – that give them a one-of-a-kind appearance.

Anjolee Designer Diamond BraceletRed Carpet Bracelet

You will find the most extravagant designs in a red carpet diamond bracelet collection because they are designed to turn heads. Each dynamic bracelet is carefully crafted to catch the eye. If you need something remarkable to wear to a special occasion, incorporating one of these beauties will ensure you arrive in style.

Anjolee Red Carpet Diamond BraceletVintage Bracelet

Vintage, or antique-style, bracelets are timeless designs that combine the highest quality materials with exquisite style. Many vintage bracelets feature intricate details that draw attention, or special edging details such as milgrain or filigree.

Anjolee Vintage Diamond BraceletGemstone Bracelet

Adding gemstones to a diamond bracelet adds a pop of color for dazzling effect. Many people choose their birthstone, or mix and match their family’s birthstones (i.e. a mother, father, and children) for a personalized bracelet that will be cherished always. Gemstone bracelets also make great gifts for loved ones.

Anjolee Gemstone and Diamond BraceletMen’s Bracelet

A man’s bracelet can be worn on both wrists, regardless of a watch. In many cases, a men’s bracelet is wider than a women’s classic tennis bracelet and has emphasis on the gold or platinum setting, as well as the diamonds. There are a variety of designs – everything from simple to bold.

Anjolee Men's BraceletBangle Bracelet

The bangle is a stylish and sophisticated design that displays beautifully on your wrist. Bangle bracelets are perfect as a single point of sparkle on your arm, or you can stack them with other bracelets for a chic, fashionable look that is truly your own.

The one important point to keep in mind when purchasing a bangle bracelet from Anjolee is that they are usually a set size of seven inches in length (that length is not adjustable). However, we do offer flexible bangle bracelets, which have a permanent opening on one side and a strong wire running through the links, giving it elasticity.

Anjolee Bangle BraceletShiny Bracelets in Gold or Platinum

The bracelets in our gold and platinum collection are known as ‘add a diamond’ styles. You can choose one of these bracelet designs and add as many diamonds or gemstones as you like, or order as is for a shiny link bracelet (without diamonds). With ‘add a diamond’ bracelets, one creative idea is to add a diamond to your bracelet for every year together or for the number of children you have.

Anjolee Shiny Bracelet

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