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When you are buying diamond jewelry from Anjolee, you are getting a world-class experience – from the interactions with our team to the jewelry that you buy. Whether you are shopping for a diamond ring for someone special, or you just want to do some jewelry shopping, we want to be your first thought.

First, A Little About Anjolee

From jewelry manufacturing to responsible sourcing, Anjolee has led the industry for decades. Not only are we the originator of the diamond tennis bracelets, we are also a full-service provider of diamond rings, earrings and necklaces.

At its core, Anjolee stands for love, beauty and respect for quality. To us, each customer order represents a meaningful and memorable moment of life celebration, and we honor those occasions. our mission is to provide our customers with the highest quality of hand crafted, customized jewelry, using only the finest precious metals, natural diamonds and gemstones. We believe in the art of our craft, the quality product that we manufacture and the excellent service we provide to our customers.

Anjolee is family-owned and the name was inspired by a beloved matriarch named Lee. Her name was combined with Angel, along with an alteration of the French word for beauty, ‘jolie.’ Anjolee is known for expertly crafted, exquisite diamond jewelry. Our jewelers, many of whom have worked for the family for decades, are true artisans who labor over every detail.

Buying Diamond Jewelry: The Anjolee Shopping Experience

When you shop Anjolee, you get a 360-degree view and 3D experience of our jewelry and the ability to ‘try on’ items using your mobile device using augmented reality.

Every product on our website also includes complete specifications that outline the jewelry’s measurements, metal weight, carat weight, diamond size (in millimeters), height and width, and the diamond color, clarity and cut.

You can also be assured that you are buying with confidence because we stand by the authenticity of the diamonds and gemstones we sell and the craftsmanship of our jewelry. Every item purchased is backed by our Anjolee Guarantee, which includes a Certificate of Authenticity, Lifetime Warranty and 30-Day returns.

The Anjolee Signature Diamond

The Anjolee Signature Diamond is a quality standard that distinguishes all of our products in terms of excellence, perfection, expertise, and assurance.

We guarantee that all diamonds carried and sold from our inventory are natural, authentic, and genuine.Quality is our top priority, and our master jewelers hand select each diamond.

Anjolee also fully complies with the Kimberley Act of 2003, which requires that rough diamonds are mined from legitimate operations, sealed in tamper resistant containers, and certified to be conflict free by a strict system of forgery-resistant documents and serial numbers.

We obtain diamonds from dealers and suppliers who comply with the provisions of the Kimberley Act. Each diamond has been re-certified through international borders and has documentation to support that it was mined and processed by lawful means and free from any conflict.

Anjolee Jewelry BoxThe Gemological Laboratories We Work With

Anjolee works closely with accredited gemological laboratories. We can, upon request, send your jewelry, or loose diamonds, to these third-party laboratories for evaluation and they can provide you with an additional certificate:

  • Gemological Institute of America (GIA) – certifies loose diamonds (recommended for evaluating the diamonds in stud earrings or the center stones of engagement rings)
  • International Gemological Institute (IGI) – certifies completed diamond jewelry (ideal for bracelets, necklaces, earrings and rings)

Need Assistance? Do Not Hesitate To Contact Us

When you shop with us, we want it to be a special experience for you. If there is anything we can provide you with to help you make your purchasing decision, please call us at (877) 265-6533, email us at or join us on our Live Chat.

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