Buying Guide: Wedding and Anniversary Rings

If you are shopping wedding and anniversary rings, we are here to answer your questions with our Buying Guide. We want you to feel confident and informed as you make this important decision. Wedding rings are exchanged during the actual wedding ceremony, while an anniversary is given to commemorate a meaningful milestone. Before you find your perfect ring, there are a few things you’ll want to consider.

Metal Type


If you are not sure what her preferred metal is, just look at her other rings. It is best to go with the metal she already loves to wear. At Anjolee, you can choose 14K or 18K in white, yellow, or rose gold, and platinum.


SettingsYou will also want to focus your attention on rings that are similar in design to her other rings. Are they classic, vintage, or contemporary? Some of the most popular setting types for wedding and anniversary rings are prong, shared prong, and channel.

Diamond Quality

DiamondsDiamond quality is determined by the color, clarity, carat weight, and cut. The brilliance, rarity, and value of the diamonds are based on the 4Cs.

Ring Style

The next things you’ll want to decide, is which ring style will appeal to her most. Here are some ideas…

Eternity Ring

Anjolee Diamond Eternity RingTraditional eternity rings feature a row of diamonds that encircle the entire finger. One of the main benefits of an eternity ring is that it sparkles from all sides. It is a captivating and meaningful reminder of your love and devotion.

Classic Diamond Ring

Anniversary RingsSome wedding and anniversary ring styles have diamonds set along the top portion of the ring only. They are still incredibly beautiful and a more affordable option when compared to an eternity band.

Rings with Gemstones

Anjolee Diamond & Gemstone Eternity RingGemstones can be selected to represent the birth month of children and/or grandchildren – or the stone that is used to represent your anniversary month. It could even just be that favorite gemstone of the one who is wearing it.

Matching Engagement & Wedding Ring

Frame Vintage Style Bridal SetWhen selecting an engagement ring, it is always important to keep in mind how easy it will be to find a wedding ring to match it in the future.

This can be difficult endeavor for some, which is why selecting a bridal set (both engagement and wedding ring) will ensure a perfect match for both the engagement ring and wedding band.

Personalize with an Engraving

Engraving the inside of a wedding or anniversary ring is a w ay to add a loving message, important date, and/or initials. Anjolee offers an engraving option for many of our wedding and anniversary rings. Choose from two font types to personalize your unique message.

How To Select An Engraving

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