Protect Your Investment With A Silver and Cubic Zirconium Replica

Purchasing a diamond ring is an investment that you will want to protect. Did you know that adding a Silver and Cubic Zirconium Replica to your Anjolee order can help you safeguard that investment?

How, you ask? Think about all that you do that might lead to damage or loss, like traveling, exercising, or participating in other physical activities. There are many instances where you might lose your diamond ring, it may be stolen, or it might get damaged.

That’s where a replica can come in handy. You store your real diamond ring away safe and sound, and wear the replica instead. No one will know the difference and you can travel or do the activities you love to do without worrying about your real diamond ring.

The replica that Anjolee offers is made of Sterling Silver and Cubic Zirconium stones in the exact ring style, carat weight and size as your original diamond ring. Cubic zirconium, also known as CZ, is durable, optically flawless and colorless, and closely resembles diamonds. Sterling Silver has a silver-white shine that resembles white gold or platinum.

Adding the replica to your order is easy – simply look for the Additional Options that are available and select ‘Protect Your Investment’ to add a replica of the ring you are buying to your shopping cart.

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